KTP Legislative Priorities: 2018 - Under Construction

Spend $$ Smarter: Prioritize Community Mental Health

We must ask decision-makers to “Keep the Promise” to create and sustain a comprehensive, individualized, community-focused mental health system for individuals and families in Connecticut! The State must spend $$ smarter by maintaining evidence-based and promising practice models such as Supportive Housing that have proven to be cost-effective and work well for individuals and families served.


In July 2000, the Governor’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Mental Health documented the crisis in mental health services. Children and adults were stuck in emergency rooms or shelters, sent out of state, trapped in institutions, or lost in the criminal justice system. Although some steps were taken to improve community services, the current budget crisis threatens to undermine what progress we have made.

Rising foreclosures and layoffs have increased the demand for mental health services while service cuts are forcing more individuals to use expensive emergency room and hospital care. Taxpayer dollars are being wasted and lives irreparably harmed. The Keep the Promise Coalition believs that the State of CT should fund recovery, not crisis, through responsible community investments.

“Read about KTP’s 2018 Legislative Agenda(KTP’s 2018 Legislative Agenda) Coming Soon!

Keep the Promise Coalition reviews and revises their legislative priorities on an annual basis starting in the late summer before each year’s legislative session. The process starts with the KTP Coordinating Council and involves broad Coalition input from Coalition members and leaders in both child and adult advocacy work including approval of final priorities. Final priorities are printed before the session begins and distributed for members’ use in speaking with legislators.

Questions about the KTP priorities or the planning process? Please call KTP at (860) 788-6180.

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Mental Health Parity

Daniela Giordano, Policy Director for Adults at NAMI-Connecticut (a CT Health
grantee), provides an overview of the current state of Mental Health Parity in
Connecticut, in a GUEST BLOG post on the CT Health Foundation website.

Check it out here: http://www.cthealth.org/blog/treat-us-equally-mental-health-parity

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